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Chiko | Burdock Seeds

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120 Days—Well known in Native American culture for boosting our immunity, improves digestion strength & metabolism overtime, and gives our body antitumor/anti-cancer phytochemicals.

This one can be put in soups, dressings, casseroles etc. Since Burdock root eliminates toxins from the lymph system, kidney and liver, it is a must have for any garden. It also removes toxins and waste from your blood, protecting your organs and boosting immune system.

In addition, it's a great season-extender where fall, winter, and spring harvest and storage is ideal. This root can also overwinter in soil, much the like our Harris Model Parsnips. You can cook like carrots. What even better is that burdock is easier to grow than both carrots and parsnips, with faster germination and good weed suppression. Roots are long, slender, and light brown.

Packet: 15 seeds.


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