Everbearing Mulberry-Patio Fruit Tree

Everbearing Mulberry-Patio Fruit Tree

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Bring your outdoor space to life with our Plant and Heal Patio Plants Collection—a premium selection of compact fruit-bearing plants perfect for any patio garden enthusiast.

Our carefully chosen variety is tailor-made for those with limited space but an unlimited passion for growing their own delicious fruit. This easy-to-maintain collection is designed with resilient and self-fertile plants, leaving you to enjoy the fruits of your minimal labor. Experience a mix of exotic flavors and homegrown freshness all year round.

Product Features:-

4-Inch Starter Plants: Each of our patio-friendly plants begins its journey as a 4-inch starter, promising a healthy and robust foundation for growth.

Hardy Fig: Withstanding the test of the elements, our Hardy Fig delivers sweet and sumptuous fruits, even in cooler climates.

Edible 'Possum Purple' Passion Vine: Indulge in the tropical intensity of your own home-grown passion fruits with this fast-growing climber.

Self-Pollinating Varieties: Gardening made simple with our self-fertile plants, ensuring a bountiful harvest without the need for a pollinator partner.

‘Truly Tiny' Banana Plant: A charming banana variety that makes a statement with its ornamental leaves and adorable bananas, perfect for limited spaces.

Jamaican Strawberry Tree: Admire the beauty, savor the unusual, strawberry-like fruits, and relish the convenience of this low-maintenance shrub.

Barbados Cherry Plant: A vitamin C powerhouse, this plant offers you the chance to pluck fresh, tart cherries right from your patio.

Fig Hardy Varieties: A range of hardy fig plants that are as adaptable as they are fruitful, promising a delicious yield year after year.

Product Care:

- Full care instructions are included, ensuring that even beginners can see their plants thrive.
- Regular watering, occasional fertilizing, and exposure to adequate sunlight required.
- Pruning guidance provided to maintain a manageable size and optimal fruit production.

With the Plant and Heal Co. Patio Plants Collection, your transition into a green-thumbed garden sage is just a plant away. Unbox, pot, and enjoy—a greener patio is within your reach

**Note**: Some plants are seasonal and subject to availability. Visit individual plant pages for more detailed information.

Make your selection today at plantandheal.com and savor the pure joy of home-grown, platinum-quality fruits!