Harvesting Empowerment: A Black Agrarian's Guide to Wearing Many Hats on the Farm

Honey, let me tell you, the life of a farmer is like a grand ol' Southern ball, where you're not just the belle of the ball, but you're also the band, the caterer, and the one sweeping up when the party's over. So, grab yourself a glass of sweet tea, and let's have a little porch-side chat about the many hats we wear down here at Plant and Heal Co., nestled in the warm embrace of Midway, GA.

Now, as the proud owner of Gardening Under Influence LLC and the beating heart behind Plant and Heal Co., I'm not just playing in the dirt and whispering sweet nothings to my seedlings. Oh no, sugar, I'm the CEO, the CFO, and the COO all wrapped up in one sun-kissed package.

As the CEO, I'm the visionary, the dreamer, the one who sees a field of possibility in every little seed. I'm planning, strategizing, and making sure our beloved nursery is a beacon of growth and empowerment in our community. I'm the one at the forefront, advocating for our youth, showing them that their hands can work miracles in the soil.

Then, I slip on my CFO hat, honey, and it's all about the numbers. I'm balancing the books, making sure our dollars make sense, and that Plant and Heal Co. keeps flourishing like the fruit trees we sell for just $20 a pop. I'm managing accounts receivable, making sure our beautiful customers are sowing into our business, and accounts payable, ensuring we're good stewards of our resources.

Don't forget the COO in me, darling. I'm down in the trenches, overseeing the daily operations, making sure every plant is nurtured, every order is filled, and every customer leaves with a smile and a heart full of hope. I'm the one making sure our $2 seed sale runs smoother than a fresh jar of molasses, and that our mottos are lived out in every leaf, stem, and root.

But let's not overlook the labor of love, y'all. I'm out there with my hands in the earth, planting, tending, and harvesting. I'm the teacher, the mentor, the guide, showing folks how to "Grow with what you got" and to "Throw seeds like confetti" because, in this dance of life, we're all meant to grow wild and free.

Now, as a Black Agrarian, I'm weaving a tapestry of tradition and innovation, of heritage and hope. I'm reminding my community that when we grow our own food, we're not just feeding our bodies; we're nourishing our souls. We're reclaiming our power, one garden, one seed, one youth at a time.

So, to all my fellow growers and dreamers out there, come on over to plantandheal.com or swing by our nursery at 11117 E Oglethorpe Hwy. Let's put on our gardening gloves and our thinking caps, and let's get to growing. Because, my dears, when we plant together, we're not just changing our little slice of the world; we're transforming the whole darn thing.

With love, sweat, and a whole lot of green thumbs,
Erica Plants 🌿💚

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