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Elan F1 Strawberry Plant

Elan F1 Strawberry Plant

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~120 Days— The level of audacity it takes for the cost of strawberries to skyrocket simultaneously while claiming the number one spot on the Dirty Dozen Food List is surreal to me.

Y’all, it’s time to grow your own. Plant and Heal Co. can help with our easy to grow strawberry plants that are grown from seed to ensure viability.



DAY NEUTRAL strawberry (zone 5-8) Fruits first season. 

The Elan F1 Hybrid Strawberry 
is popular with all crowds to include large scale berry farmers, home gardeners and consumers. These strawberries produce a consistent supply of super sweet strawberries from everbearing bushes all season long.

An extremely prolific variety, Elan F1 is one of the top strawberry varieties for hanging baskets and containers. It will produce a heavy crop large, super sweet berries with higher than average sugar levels and a vitamin C content up to 50% higher than other everbearers.

Treat this strawberry as a Day-Neutral although regularly listed as an everbearer. These vigorous plants are easy to grow and keep attractive through the season as long as the strawberries are kept well watered, weeded and fed. Incorporate a feeding of compost at least once in the spring and again in the fall. Grow in full sun, in well-drained soil. Zone 5-8 

Edible Flowers: Flowers add a mild, strawberry-like flavor if sprinkled on salads or when used as a garnish for drinks and desserts.

Plants will set fruit from early summer through October depending on your zone. Production and berry size may halt during the hottest part of summer. Day-neutral beds will last for one to two growing seasons once established so refresh runners. Do not renovate day-neutral varieties.

NOTE: Everbearing and Day Neutral (fruits all season until frost)strawberry plants usually do not produce  many ‘daughters’ (runners) as Junebearing (summer fruiting) plants. Self-pollinating. Zones 5-8.

Encourage the plant to put its energy into becoming established by removing all the flower buds for the first 6 weeks after setting out your plants. It is also recommend that you remove all the runners during the first year—I don’t do it but you can!

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